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Since the 1950's, the name 'Squale' and the classic 'Shark' logo (Squale translates to Shark) have come to mean one thing - professional dive watches!

In the beginning, Squale produced watches and watch cases for various Swiss brands who didn't have the knowledge to build their own professional dive timepieces. The smaller brands used the Squale logo on their dial as a sign of quality. In 1950, Squale began to produce their own range of professional diving watches under the Squale name, marking the beginning of the brand's institutional history.

At the end of End 1960s, Squale introduced their first 1000 meter dive watch with a unique crystal on flexible mountings that didn't use or need a Helium release valve. Squale started to supply the elite corps of a large number of armed forces, including the parachutists corps "Folgore Brigade" part of the Italian Airforces ( "Aeronautica Militare Italiana") and the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps, the "Marina Militare Italiana". This made Squale legendary for quality and they became the benchmark brand for dive watches internationally, a status it has enjoyed for several decades. Handcrafted in Switzerland with the same quality of the vintage models, Squale is back with a great line of watches that does the Squale name and reputation justice.